The Unveiling – by Dennis Gilmour

A book that will change the way you think about evolution, religion and extraterrestrial influence.

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  • April
  • 27

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I want to create a new religion/cult that be called christoevolution and our holy scriptures will be the fiction book I wrote called “The Unveiling” (hey if L. Ron Hubbard can make a go of it, I might as well try, he said tongue-in-cheek). Seriously though, all spiritual truths in my story are backed up by both evolutionary science and the Bible. Let’s discover the truth together about how we’re all evolving into gods. My book is a prophecy and will become a reality over the next 1000 years. I need some followers to help carry the torch into the next millenium. Mankind needs a philosophical underpinning to frame our new understanding of what God is doing in the world. All religions can’t all be right, but they’ve certainly all have been wrong. Give me a chance to explain what I mean…read “The Unveiling” and it will open your eyes.

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